Thank you for choosing Blue Sky Ranch. It is our goal to make your experience with us a positive one. Therefore, these community policies have been implemented to make your community a pleasant place for everyone.

The community policies are an addendum to your lease as referred to in your lease contract. Violation of any of these community policies can result in termination of your rental agreement. These policies may be added to, amended, or repealed at any time by the management.

Phone Number: 432-714-4840
Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Weekends by appointment

Our emergency maintenance service is designed to assist you in making your home a safe and functional environment. When you call 432-714-4840 to place an emergency request, please use the following guidelines.

What is an After-hours Emergency?
No hot water, No heat (below 55 degrees), No Air Conditioning (above 88 degrees), Air Conditioning Leak, Water leaks (dripping faucets are not considered an emergency), Inoperable commode (applies to apartments with no functioning restroom), Broken or inoperable door lock, Refrigerator not cooling, Inoperable oven/stove, Garbage disposal causing kitchen sink clog, Anything that may cause harm or injury to a resident

What is not considered an after-hours emergency?
Light bulbs, Exterminator request, or Dripping faucets.

In the event of an emergency

  • Evacuate your apartment
  • Call 911
  • Notify the onsite management

All rent is due on the 1st of the month.
Rent is payable to Blue Sky Ranch and will be collected on holidays and weekends. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Payments by check, money order, or cashier’s check can be taken to the office or dropped off in the night box. All payments will be applied to utilities, late fees, and other charges first, and rent last. Payments are accepted 24/7 using the resident portal.

We are pleased to provide a lockout service for our residents, to avoid finding and paying a professional locksmith. The fee charged for all lockout calls will be $35.00 and is due at time of service. This fee will apply to any calls before or after office hours, weekends, and on holidays.

Only those residents on the lease and with proper ID will be allowed access into the apartments. Please be aware that staff members responding to your lockout call do not necessarily live in the community; please take their travel time into consideration. Your patience is appreciated.

Any packages that are delivered for a resident that are too large to be placed in their mailbox will be kept in the office until picked up by the resident. We are not responsible for packages left in the office. Any packages left by UPS, FedEx, or any other independent shipping company will also be held in the office and available for pickup during office hours.

You will be provided a mailbox key. If your mailbox lock must be replaced due to a lost key, a $25.00 replacement fee will apply.


  • All windows are to be kept uniform on the exterior.
  • Foil, pictures, toys, etc. are not allowed on/in windows.
  • Mini-blinds must be kept in good repair. You may purchase a new set of blinds from the office in order to avoid replacement fee determined by the size of the blind.


  • Your apartment must be kept clean, sanitary, and free from objectionable odor. No trash or other materials are allowed to accumulate which would prove hazardous or pose a health violation.
  • Do not put sanitary napkins, paper towels, or wet wipes down commodes. If your plumbing stops up, you are responsible for the repairs. Do not use abrasive cleaners on bathroom sinks or tub enclosures. Please use a liquid cleaner.
  • Please keep everything in the appropriate places; outdoor furniture outside and indoor furniture inside.
  • When hanging pictures, use either bull-dog hangers or small nails. Do not use self adhesive hangers. Please remember that you will be charged for the repair of any damages when you move out.
  • There will be no alterations to any property or any improvements at Blue Sky Ranch without the written permission of management.
  • Please place bulk items such as mattresses, sofas, or any large items in the Bulk Item Drop off located at the back of the property.

Your apartment will be exterminated upon request and/or every other month. Resprays are provided bi-weekly upon request only by contacting the office. If pest control services are refused, you will be charged for cancelled appointments or damages caused to the property.

You can prevent creating an issue if all trash and garbage items are removed from your apartment on a daily basis.

Your smoke alarm must be operable at all times. Please do not remove the battery. Removing the battery is a violation of your lease agreement. Please report any malfunctions at once.

Paragraph #8 of your lease says: “Owner will test smoke detector and provide working batteries at resident’s initial possession; thereafter resident shall pay for and replace batteries, if any, as needed.”

All porches and patios will be kept swept and free from trash. Do not leave trash in front of your door or patio. There will be a $25.00 trash removal fee for any trash, or other items, that our staff has to remove from your porch, or patio area. A private patio/balcony is an enclosed space only accessible by that apartment resident. A common area includes any space that could be accessible to the public.

  • Porches are to be free and clear. No motorcycles, bikes, toys, trash containers, towels, brooms, mops, furniture, clothing, clothes lines, etc. are allowed.
  • Items in patio areas are to be kept below the fence line to insure a uniform look throughout the property. All satellites must be kept in an enclosed private patio and satellite installation must not alter the exterior of the buildings or property.

The following items are Permissible:
Electric Grills, Potted or Hanging Plant baskets (Limit of 2-3), Holiday Decorations (Must be removed no later than 30 days after the holiday), Lawn Decorations (Limit 2-3), Bicycles and Toys (Only allowed in Private Patio/Balcony), Fencing around Private Balcony not to exceed height of balcony, Patio Furniture Only Please.

For your safety, these items are Prohibited:
Charcoal grills or any items with an open flame, Table umbrellas, Multiple satellite dishes and super dishes, Bird feeders, Uncovered ashtrays, Trash, Brooms, mops, boxes, tires, or crates, Furniture not intended for outdoor use, Excessive clutter, No hanging items from balcony for any purpose. Barbeque grills must be at least 10-15 feet from the building to avoid a fire hazard.

Satellite dishes and Antennas: You must complete a satellite addendum and abide by its terms prior to installation and use.


  • The speed limit within the property is 10 mph all residents and visitors are required to abide by these speed limits. Please take into consideration the safety of others walking on the premises.
  • All cars must have current license plates and city stickers. Cars without plates or with expired plates will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • At no time may any motor vehicle park, stop or stand in areas that are designated fire lanes, or no-parking zones. At no time may motor vehicles park, stop, stand or travel upon sidewalks, grass, or any other areas meant for non-vehicular use.
  • All cars must be parked between the lines. Cars parked over the lines, or “double-parked,” will be towed.
  • No motor vehicle may be stored or left in a non-operational condition in the parking areas. Any motor vehicle driven less frequently than three times per week shall be considered “stored” and may not be left in the parking area.
  • Vehicles with flat tires or other damage that prohibits it from operating are not allowed on the premises and will be towed at owner’s expense. Repairs to vehicles on the property are strictly prohibited: Oil changes, engine work, washing cars, etc.
  • No major repair work may be done in the parking area. Emergency repair only. No tenant shall store or park any boats, campers, or other recreational vehicles in parking areas.
  • Motorcycles may not be brought into or near the buildings and/or patios.
  • Any violations your guests commit, you (resident) are held responsible for.

No animals are allowed on property except for those who have signed animal agreements and have paid a pet fee and pet rent per pet. Aggressive breed dogs are prohibited. UNAUTHORIZED ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Residents that have signed animal agreements with their leases must abide by the agreement. No guests are allowed to keep an animal on the premises without the consent of management.

Out of courtesy to all neighboring residents, animals are not to be chained outside. All animals will be kept inside. All animals will be walked on a leash when outside.

Please clean up after your animal. Animal waste is to be picked up immediately. A $25.00 animal waste removal fee will be charged to anyone failing to comply with this policy. If your animal keeps the backyard messy there will be a fine. If you cannot pay attention to your animals please remove them from the property. Animal owners are responsible for any damages or harm due to, or involving their animal.

Animal owners will be responsible for paying all costs associated with any damage or harm involving their animal and will be subject to all remedies through the TAA Lease. Residents are liable for any interior or exterior damages caused by their animal.

We provide certain amenity packages to you, the resident, as a service to make your stay with us more comfortable and convenient. However, each amenity that we provide requires that a set of Rules and Regulations be followed. These Rules and Regulations are posted at each amenity location. In order to maintain the privilege of using these amenities for you and your guests, these Rules and Regulations must be followed.

Please help keep our community looking nice. This is your home as well as the others; please help us keep it an enjoyable place to live.

  • Keep in mind that community living is different from a private dwelling. Although one must expect a certain amount of noise, one must not infringe on a neighbor’s good disposition. The conduct of residents, occupants, and resident’s guests should not be disorderly, boisterous, or unlawful and not disturb the rights, comforts, or convenience of other persons in the community.
  • Please be aware of others on this property. This is a community effort and not an individual property. The facility is for everyone to use. Please be courteous and share the area.
  • Loud music or parties will not be tolerated. Any reports of a disturbance will be handled by the police. Residents, occupants, and guests of residents involved in a disturbance, or causing a disturbance, will be subject to eviction, and all other remedies provided in the lease, and prosecuted to the full extent allowed by law. Loud music is not to be played from a vehicle with windows and/or doors open while parked in the parking lot.
  • Any violations your guests commit, you are held responsible for, and you as a resident will pay for their mistakes.
  • All common areas, such as patio entryways, parking lots, etc. are subject to all rules, policies, and regulations are to be complied with in their entirety.

If any community rule, policy, or regulation is violated more than three times, the resident will be subject to a notice to vacate or eviction. Gross violations are subject to immediate eviction. Each violation notification is submitted in writing to the residents and documented in their file. Common sense and courtesy go a long way.

Residents may not exceed two persons per bedroom. If additional occupants cause such occupancy standard to exceed during the lease term residents must either (1) Move into another dwelling of the owner that has more bedrooms and is available for rent at the time the current lease expires, or (2) move out at the time the current lease expires. The rent for the larger dwelling, if available, will be the rental rate at the time of the new lease, of course. A residents’ right of possession may be terminated during the lease term for lease violations as set forth in the lease or as provided by law.

Transferring to another dwelling is an option under the following conditions (1) Fulfill six months of your current lease (2) Fill out an application for approval under current rental qualifications. (3) Give us preferably 30 days to prepare your new unit. (4) Pay the Transfer Fee (5) Transferring to a specific unit is based upon current availability.

To ensure that all of our apartments are kept up to date, we will not allow consecutive lease terms for more than 8 years in a single unit. If another unit of the same type is available at the time of the lease expiration, we will renew you and allow you to transfer to the new unit. You will be responsible for damages beyond normal wear and tear in your old unit.

Occupancy Changes
Please remember that Management must be informed of any changes to the apartment’s occupancy (roommates, name changes, marriage, new additions to your family, divorce, etc). All current policies and procedures must be followed accordingly. All changes are subject to Management approval. In the event of an emergency, Blue Sky Ranch needs to know how many occupants to be accounting for.

This Addendum is attached to and incorporated in the Lease Agreement for all purposes.

Liability for Loss or Damage to Personal Property
All personal property placed in the leased premises, or in the basement, storage rooms, closets, hallways, stairwells, or any other part of the building, shall be at the risk of the Tenant or the owner of such personal property. Landlord shall not be liable for any loss or damage to such personal property arising from any cause, including, but not limited to, water leaks, pipe leaks, sewage backflow, interruption of utilities, rain, hail, ice, snow, flood, heat, sun damage, fire, smoke, lightning, explosions, wind, theft, vandalism, and any negligent or intentional act of the Tenant, any co-tenant, or other such occupant of the building.

Waiver of Liability for Loss or Damage to Personal Property
Should any liability arise for which Landlord might be held liable, Tenant agrees to waive and release Landlord from any such liability without condition and to the fullest extent of the law. Tenant agrees to execute any documents necessary to accomplish this release and waiver.

Tenant has a duty to mitigate damages. Tenant should act as an ordinary and reasonably prudent person would act regarding proper placement, storage, and use of personal property within the building to avoid loss or damage caused by, but not limited to, the above mentioned causes. Also, Tenant must comply with all necessary measures to repair any damage, including the use of industrial fans, the running of any necessary equipment and machines. Landlord will not be liable for any utility cost associated with the machinery. If Tenant does not comply with necessary measures, they will be solely responsible for additional charges arising from the non-compliance.

Reimbursement Policy
As outlined in Paragraphs 24 and 26 of your TAA Lease, Landlord is not liable for any damages to personal property, including foodstuffs, or personal injury to tenants or tenants’ guests for the causes listed in paragraph 1, and tenant is not entitled to a rent reduction or credit for any damages or housing while Landlord makes repairs. Landlord is under no obligation to provide alternate housing, but may do so at their discretion. All housing accommodations must be approved and in writing by management.

Renter’s Insurance
Tenant expressly acknowledges that Landlord has strongly advised Tenant to obtain renter’s insurance in an amount sufficient to cover Tenant for loss or damage to personal property arising from any cause, including but not limited to those set forth in Paragraph I above. Tenant acknowledges Landlord’s recommendation and assumes the risk of loss for failure to obtain renter’s insurance in a sufficient amount to cover damage or loss to personal property.

Move ins and move outs must be scheduled with the property manager. There are day and time restrictions.

A 30-day written notice is required before moving. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THERE BE AN EXCEPTION TO THIS POLICY. Residents with an expired lease and on a month-to-month basis are still required to give 30-day notice.

Failing to give this 30 day notice will incur the cost of reletting fee which is 85% of one month’s rent, as well all other applicable charges in compliance with the lease agreement. The resident will be liable for the payment of all costs associated with the repair of any damages to the property caused by a resident or anyone helping a resident when moving in or out of the apartment.

Please refer to the “Standard Vacating Checklist” below for more details.

The following responsibilities are to be completed by the resident before vacating an apartment. For your convenience, the following is a checklist of items to be cleaned before the final inspection and the standard range of charges for failure to do so. Please complete the TAA Form “Vacating Notice” at least 30 days prior to the lease expiration date.

The apartment must be void of all personal belongings before an inspection may take place. All residents have the right to be present at the inspection of the apartment upon termination of the lease; however, your request should be submitted in writing prior to your lease expiration date for an appointment to be arranged.

All charges listed are estimates and could result in higher charges depending on the extent of the damages and/or increase in vendor pricing. The administration fee does not cover beyond a light cleaning. Please refer to the cleaning sheet below. Any labor requiring the correcting of damage, unusual wear and tear, cleaning or disposal of articles left behind will be figured at current contractor prices. Please complete the following items where applicable.

~ DO NOT TURN OFF ELECTRICITY UNTIL THE EXPIRATION DATE OF YOUR LEASE. Please refer to line #18 of your lease: “Resident is responsible for contacting the local power and/or gas company to initiate service and must maintain electric and/or gas service during the tenure of the lease to avoid damage to the premises.”

  • Range/drip pans: trim and all surfaces should be cleaned and free of grease and residue. Replacement cost $10-$60. Drip pans, $7-$25.
  • Refrigerator: should be defrosted and cleaned inside, outside and behind, $10-$25. Ice tray replacement, $3 each. Vegetable drawers, covers and shelves are charged based on current vendor price.
  • Dishwasher: clean interior and exterior, $5-$15. Damage to be estimated.
  • Kitchen cabinets & countertops: must be empty and cleaned inside and out. Shelf paper must be removed; removal charges to be estimated, $10-25 per cabinet. Countertop stains/repairs will be charged at current contractor pricing.
  • Walls: every room must be free of dirt, fingerprints, and scuff marks. Nail holes, depending on size/number, $2 & up per hole. Air vent should also be cleaned, $5-$10.
  • Light fixtures: all bulbs are to be in working order. Clean grease and dust film from all glass fixtures. Clean out dirt and insect accumulation. Replacement of all bulbs, $5 per bulb.
  • Smoke Detectors: are to be in place and undamaged. Tampering with batteries, damage or removal of detector(s) will result in a $35 replacement charge.
  • Vinyl Flooring: should be cleaned. Be sure to clean corners of the room as well as the baseboards, $10-$50 per room. Flooring wax and stain removal based on current vendor price.
  • Carpeting: must be vacuumed and should be in the same condition as when the apartment was originally turned over to the resident, less normal wear and tear. Burn marks, pet damage and stains are not considered normal wear and tear.
    *All damages beyond normal wear and tear are not included with the Administration Fee. These damages are estimated at current contractor pricing. Charges to restore or replace damage to flooring will be figured at current contractor pricing.
  • Bathrooms: must be thoroughly cleaned including tub area for any soap buildup, $40-$95. All rubber decals in tub area must be removed, $20. Rust spots, $20. Replacement cost of medicine cabinet, $50. Medicine cabinet door, $25. Wall mirror, $25.
  • Windows: windowsills and window tracks must be cleaned, $10-$20 per window. Replacement charge for window screen, $35. Window blinds must be washed, $5-$10 per set. Replacement charge for window blinds, $100.00
  • Entry door: should be cleaned, $15. Interior door damage (scratches), refinish one side $5-$15, refinish both sides $10-$30. Holes or broken surface, $15 each. Entry door replacement $255. Front door facing and frame replacement, $200. Change complete master lock and door knob, $35.
  • Keys: all door keys must be returned (including the original), on or before the lease expiration date. If all keys are not returned, the resident will be charged for lock replacement. Change complete master lock and door knob, $35.
  • Porches and patios: must be cleaned and all debris must be removed, $15-$50.
  • Personal items: must be removed from the apartment by the notice to vacate date or resident will be charged $ 10 per bag of trash removal, $ 20 per large item removal.
  • Repair or replacement charges: due to damaged closet doors, appliances, fixtures, screen and windows will be estimated.
  • Rent and late charges: must be paid through the lease termination or notice to vacate date.

We appreciate your cooperation in turning the apartment over in good condition.